Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Celebrating The Royal Wedding and Wedding Makeup by Annette Power

As we all watched in anticipation at Pippa Middleton and James Matthews’s wedding they did not disappoint and what an amazing wedding it was. 

The wedding season is well on it's way with an expected 2.3 million couples wed every year in the US alone it's a busy time for lots of brides to be! The last thing you want to be worried about is your makeup on your big day or your honeymoon. So make sure that you add your semi-permanent makeup to your list of things to do before your big day! 

Get your spmu eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and even a beauty spot before you say 'I DO' and look picture perfect from every angle in your wedding photos.

To book your semi-permanent makeup treatment 📞 Annette in the renowned Harley Street in London on 020 7224 0012

*£200 OFF all eyebrow and lip treatments until 30/06/2017 Subject to availability and spaces limited.

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews smile for the cameras CREDIT: AP PHOTO/KIRSTY WIGGLESWORTH

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You can read what Annette's students say on our website  and the reviews speak for themselves!

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Up your brow game: Microblading trend growing in popularity

There is no avoiding it — one of the biggest things in beauty trends over the last few years is the focus on eyebrows. Gone are the days of accepting what God gave you, over-tweezing in the bathroom mirror or letting your friends wax them at home.

Brow sculpting at salons and spas is one of the most popular services available — and with that comes tinting (a semi-permanent colour), filling them in with pencils or powders, trimming and stencils, if you so choose. With a thicker brow in style now, it is seen as one of the defining feature on faces.
Microblading is still fairly new in the brow sculpting area. This takes your brows to the next level, if you weren’t blessed with a thick set. Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery, is a semi-permanent pigment tattoo, done in such a way that each individual hair is etched into the skin, giving it a natural look.
It’s popular with women who have over-plucked in the past, don’t naturally have a lot of brow hair, are beginning to see hair loss due to age, don’t like their natural brow shape, or have no brows at all because of alopecia or chemotherapy treatments.
Eyebrow treatments consist of two appointments. The first is approximately an hour and a half. A full consultation is given and we take into account what you want to achieve and what is possible. We advise on colour, shape and method. We draw on the shape and show you the colour we have jointly selected and once you are completely happy we then proceed with the treatment. We use the best anaesthetics available and the treatment is very comfortable with some clients feeling nothing at all. Most of our clients want a very natural subtle look and we are always cautious with colour as we can always add when you come in for your re-touch approximately 4 weeks later. We would rather see you a third time if necessary as we want you to be completely happy with the result. There would be no charge for a third appoint if done within a month of the re-touch. Our aim is to have very happy clients thrilled with their new look.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Up Close and Not for the squeamish! Video :Advanced Semi permanent Eyeliner LIVE!

Training day with Annette for a student doing advanced semi permanent winged eyeliner. With some clients there is swelling straight after eyeliner procedure but this goes down very quickly.

If you're looking for a fulfilling and lucrative new career, or just to advance your existing spmu skills, Annette holds one to one courses designed for your needs. Here are some videos of a student learning advanced winged eyeliner under Annettte's vigilant eye working on models that Annette's courses provides for her students. No mats on Annette's courses...real models provided!





Monday, 9 January 2017

Make a Career Change to a Job You Love and Is That is Also Lucrative and Fulfilling!

I chatted to someone yesterday who had that dread of going into work on Monday. That's why I changed to a career I love. Making a career change to do a job I love which is fulfilling can be something that I can offer you with Annette Power Training.

It is essential to choose the right Training School and Master Trainer to get the best possible training available as this is an investment in your future.

The following courses are all ONE TO ONE and we work at your pace in our prestigious Clinic in the world renowned HARLEY STREET. Unlike other courses we are in HARLEY STREET not any out of the way out of town venue, you can tell your clients you were trained in this prestigious location and have it on your website.

We do not believe you first course should ever be taught in a group situation. Three out of the four days will be live models (not mats) from 10am to 5pm each day, models provided by us. You have no stress of providing models yourselves, it’s all down to us.

Permanent Make up is the ‘must have’ aesthetic treatment for enhancing every woman young and old. Every woman wants to look as beautiful as they can and there are no better treatments available to achieve this. Permanent Make Up gives instant transformations. This is an ever developing market with new techniques and looks which can subtle and undetectable or more of a statement.

If you want an enjoyable very lucrative career and long term business this is for you.


Contact Annette today to book your course on 020 7224 0012 

Friday, 30 December 2016

12 Sparkly Nail Art Looks That Are Perfect for New Year's Eve Night They're as bright and shiny as 2017's about to be.

'Tis the season to get dressed to the nines, try out some new sexy hairstyles, take your makeup to the next level, and rock the glitteriest colors and designs on your fingertips. Need some inspo on the latter? Here, 12 sparkly AF nails looks for your DIYing (and Instagramming!) pleasure:


Ready to try your hand at this look at home? It's as easy as one, two, three:
1. Paint on black lacquer. After you've applied a basecoat over your tips, sweep on an opaque black polish. I used Ricky Color in "Gypsy Cab" here.
2. Dip your fingertip in glitter and pat it onto the polish. While the black paint is somewhat still tacky, dip the tip of your finger into a pot of loose glitter and then gently pat it over the tip of your nail. Then, continue dabbing the glitter toward the center of your nail to create an ombré effect. I used Ingot AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow in "121" here.
3. Finish with topcoat. To avoid dragging the glitter into the black polish, dip the brush into the clear formula, start near your cuticle, and gently pull the clear coat toward the tip of your nail. Try Nails Inc. 2-in-1 Base and Top Coat.


If you love leopard print everything, here's a New Year's Eve-worthy spin on a leopard print mani that's gorgeous AF. Here, nail artist Katherine St. Paul Hill shows you how to recreate it.



Nail artist Holly Falcone shows you how to, well, nail this pretty pink look that's perfect for NYE here.


Nothing says, "Happy New Year!" like a mani covered in "confetti." Here, nail artist Madeline Poole shows you how to rock these celebratory tips. 


For the full how-to by nail artist Julie Kandalec, click here.



To recreate this super-cool, two-toned crimson and gold mani, follow the steps by Kandalec here.


If you prefer a chic, sparkly look rather than a seriously glittery one, Poole shows you the way here.



If you're not into typical holiday colors — or you are and you want to try out this technique for New Year's Eve night — Kandalec shows you how to nail this marble effect in just three simple steps.


If you're running late for a holiday party but still need to do your nails, this is the easiest nail art look to recreate — and it's impossible to mess up! Simch Whitehall aka Miss Pop shows you how to replicate it here.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

New Year’s Eve Look

New Year’s is here, the stressful time when you are tossing clothes around your room and can’t decide what to wear!! It is that time of the year when you can wear sparkly, metallic and sequins confidently. The idea is to look like a showstopper not a disco ball.

Decide your colour and buy accessories according to that. Take out all the sparkly jewellery and glam jewels. Let’s start with face.

For Eyes wear intense shimmering gold or silver eyelid. First of all prep them with lid primer which will keep the eyeshadow longer in place. Accentuate the shape of your eyes with the cat black waterproof eyeliner. Apply gold pigments on the inner corners of the eyes. Apply a waterproof mascara for new year as you need your makeup to stay all night. Apply a translucent powder on your lashes before the mascara to make mascara more voluminous and it will last longer as well.

For face, apply foundation primer and then your favourite foundation or BB cream. Set it with a translucent powder. Apply cream blush on cheeks which is illuminating.

For lips apply a neutral base lip liner, line your lips and then fill them in. Then apply your favourite lip colour in downward motion to give it a 3D effect. Lastly, apply lip gloss at the centre of your lips

Wear sequins and metallic dresses. Wear formal shirt with gold or silver embellishments on the collar. Take a golden/silver clutch to carry all the makeup essentials. Wear crystal bracelet and rings. Make a statement with studs.

New Year’s Inspired Outfits:

Make sure to smile and enjoy your last night of the year.

The History of Cat Eyes: From Cleopatra to Lauren Conrad

Image Source: Getty / Tom Wargacki

No matter how long it took you to master it (or if you're still trying to work it out without smudging), the cat eye is one of those iconic eyeliner looks that will never go out of style. And many women have worn it throughout the years. Sure, we know all about Cleopatra and her love of winged-out, kohl liner, but can you remember which Disney princess had a love of this look in the '90s? Follow the history of this classic style from its incarnation to the present day!

Ancient Egypt Cat Eye
One of the first times this iconic makeup look was spotted was in Ancient Egypt on the great female ruler Cleopatra. She rocked a cat eye using ancient kohl or black powder smudged around the eye. Later, Elizabeth Taylor (pictured) looked stunning playing Cleopatra in the classic movie.
Image Source: Getty / -

1920s Cat Eye
Josephine Baker was a sexy, sultry French singer and dancer, but she also helped popularise the cat eye during the roaring '20s. When it's paired with over-the-top lashes, what's not to love?
Image Source: Shutterstock
1940s Cat Eye
Soldiers during WWII used to pin up photos and illustrations of voluptuous models. And aside from the amazing hair accessories and victory rolls, these ladies had one gorgeous feature in common: a sexy, drawn-out cat eye that's been copied frequently, right up to the present day (pictured).

Image Source: Getty / STRINGER
1950s Cat Eye
Brigitte Bardot was known internationally as a sex symbol, and her eyes were almost always lined in inky black before winging out into the quintessential small-flick cat eye.

1990s Cat Eye
When Aladdin hit the silver screen in '92, millions of girls dubbed Jasmine their favorite Disney princess. And while we can't say for sure, we're going to guess that her sultry cat eyehad something to do with it.
Source: Disney

Image Source: Getty / David Livingston

Early 2000s Cat Eye
Everyone's favorite The Hills star, Lauren Conrad, has helped usher in a revival of cat eyes. In Allure's April 2014 issue, Lauren claimed the reason she loves her cat eye is because she doesn't think shadow looks good on her, so she does the winged-liner look instead.

Present-Day Cat Eye
At Anthony Vaccarello's Spring 2014 show (plus a bevy of other runways), models were seen sporting a more graphic version of the cat eye. And this wasn't the first incarnation of it. January Jones sported a graphic look to last year's Met Gala, and it seems more designers and celebrities are jumping on the train. Is this the new wave of cat eyeliner? Only time will tell!